Virgin Mobile Updates New $35 Unlimited Plan, Removes Zones

This week, to compete directly with Fido’s new $35 Unlimited Plan, Virgin Mobile has updated their recent $35 unlimited calling plan that is now available on a 3-year contract for “Smartphones” an iPhone. The plan is available to new and existing customers.

Previously, the Virgin Mobile $35 offer was not available to smartphones but now it is. However, oddly enough, the iPhone is not eligible. What?! Isn’t the iPhone a smartphone?! I think we need to do some calling to make Virgin change its tune.

If you wanted to know about the plan, check out the details below:

$35 City Unlimited Plan

  • Minutes: Unlimited minutes
  • Evening/Weekends: Unlimited minutes
  • Included Features: Unlimited Canada/US/International text messages
  • Plan is available in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal. The plan is not available in Ottawa.

The big update here is that this $35 Unlimited Plan is no longer “zoned”. This essentially means that customers can use their unlimited minutes in more places, where before, some areas may have incurred “out of zone” fees.

If you were to compare the $35 Unlimited Fido offer and the $35 Unlimited Virgin Mobile offer, Fido’s is $35 for unlimited zoned minutes versus Virgin’s $35 for unlimited un-zoned minutes. Fido’s offer is also available in more cities and is available on iPhones!

Check out the image below for unlimited calling areas that are included with the $35 Virgin Mobile plan: