Zoomer Wireless Promo: $54/7GB Plan with Pixel 3 for $100 Upfront

Zoomer Wireless is a wireless carrier owned by Cityfone, a subsidiary of Rogers, which operates on the latter’s LTE network.

There’s currently an offer marketed for back-to-school available on contract as a loyalty plan for some customers, which is 10% off a $60 plan with 7GB of data, or $54 per month. The offer is eligible to add a Google Pixel 3 for $100 upfront, or Pixel 3a for $0 upfront, on a 24-month term, and available until October 31, 2019.

The $54/7GB plan includes unlimited nationwide calling and texting and the usual extras like voicemail and caller ID, according to RFD.

This may be an offer to clear out existing Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a stock, with the Pixel 4 set to be announced soon.

If you’re an existing Zoomer Wireless customer, it may be worth talking to customer service to see if you can get on this plan, if it’s better than what you currently have.