EXCLUSIVE: Rogers/Fido iPhone 3G Hands on Preview!

The iPhone 3G was announced at the 2008 Apple WWDC on June 9th. From that announcement we learned that Rogers and Fido will be selling iPhone 3G units on July 11th, as part of the worldwide release of the iPhone 3G. We know Gizmodo and other tech sites were able to get hands on with […]

Rogers iPhone 3G Data Rates: Cheaper Than Expected?

*Edit: Sorry guys, I just got home from work and it should be $30 for 300MB, not 30MB. My apologies for the the typo!!!** Many people out there want to find out some real important info from Rogers and Fido prior to signing their lives away to a 3 year contract for the upcoming iPhone […]

Rogers Wireless Locations Accepting iPhone 3G Pre-Orders

**We now have a new dedicated server up and running! Thanks for being so patient everyone, be sure to visit the Forums for the latest iPhone 3G discussions!** Many readers have commented on this blog and in the Forums (yes, that’s right they are now BACK! Click here to register for the […]

Rogers iPhone 3G Pricing to Be Similar to AT&T in the USA?

It’s a been a couple of feverish days in the iPhone blogosphere. Everybody and their grandma is talking about the new iPhone 3G, the second generation of Apple’s “Jesus-phone”. Aside from all the 2008 WWDC coverage, and all the pretty Apple keynotes, there is one thing on the minds of millions of Canadian iPhone 3G-hopefuls: […]

iPhone 3G for Canada! Coming to Rogers & Fido July 11th

Editor’s note: Okay folks so it looks like is temporarily back up in the meantime. The shared server I was on was just crippled with a 2000% CPU overload thanks to the sudden spike in traffice after the iPhone 3G announcement. Things will take a couple days to smooth out, but with that aside […]

3G iPhone Predictions from the WWDC

As most of you know, I work full time and this blog is my pet project when I have some spare time on my hands. Anyways, I will be working when the 2008 Apple WWDC starts at 10AM PST. That means I won’t get a chance to see Steve Jobs pull the 2nd-generation iPhone out […]

Apple’s iPhone Will Change Canada’s Wireless Industry

You read that title correctly–according to an article from Industry analyst Lawrence Surtees from IDC Canada states that things are going to change drastically once the iPhone is released by Rogers in Canada. Surtees goes on to reiterate that AT&T was forced by Apple to introduce “all you can eat” data plans in the […]

Will Wireless Spectrum Bidding Affect iPhone Users?

**Win a FREE OtterBox Defender “Pink” iPhone Case! Post a Comment to Win!** The immediate answer right now is YES. Yesterday was the start of the wireless spectrum bidding in Canada. This moment will affect wireless customers in this country along many fronts. For starters, regardless of what companies emerge from the bidding, everyone will […]

iPhone Coming to Canada in July to Rogers & Apple Resellers

I warned you this was going to happen–more iPhone speculation and rumors about the date when Canada will get the iPhone. According to an anonymous source that contacted me (that’s all I can say for now), the iPhone will be sold in July in Canada (or was it June?!), with availability coming from Apple Stores, […]

iPhone in Canada this June–Plus a $7 Unlimited Data Plan

That was the headline posted at Electronista yesterday! Although that may get some of you a bit excited, there are a few things I find hard to believe about this article. Seriously folks, with the upcoming WWDC coming in June, expect the rumors to get fast and furious leading up to the announcement! According to […]

iPhone D-Day: 3G iPhone Coming Out on June 9th

Let the iPhone rumors begin yet once again! If you haven’t heard already, there has been a lot of buzz online about the new 3G iPhone’s release date. Well, according to reports from Engadget and industry analysts, the 3G iPhone will be released on June 9th during Apple’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference). To be honest […]

BREAKING: Rogers iPhone Reviewed Update #2

Wow! Did you guys see that announcement on TV by the Rogers representatives in Toronto? I still can’t believe the iPhone got announced today! I just read the short article on the front pages of the Globe and Mail and CBC News. Rogers stores have released the iPhone and the first one has already been […]