TELUS Eliminates System Access Fee

In a similar move made by Rogers Wireless, effective November 5 2009, TELUS will drop the System Access Fee (SAF) and 911 fee from their Rate Plans and introduce “Clear Choice” plans that will have a $5.00 increase across all plans. 1. TELUS Will Be Removing the System Access Fee For those on TELUS monthly […]

TELUS iPhone Coming November 5

As both TELUS and Bell Canada have now announced that they plan to bring their own 21 Mbps HSPA+ network to Canada in November, both companies have finally announced that the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS will also be making their debut on TELUS and Bell. Bell announced the availability of the iPhone 3G and […]

TELUS to Launch HSPA+ Network On November 5

As reported at the beginning of October for Bell Canada, TELUS has now officially announced the availability of its HSPA+ network for November 5, 2009. The new TELUS HSPA+ network will have speeds up of to 21Mbps, rivaling current HSPA+ provider Rogers Wireless. Rogers just last month announced the release of their HSPA+ network, but […]

BREAKING: Telus and Bell to Launch iPhone in November!

Hell has frozen over! If an article at the Globe & Mail is to be believed (and how can you not believe it?!), the iPhone is coming to Telus and Bell as early as November 2009! It would seem that in November Telus and Bell will have their GSM network up and running that they […]

BREAKING: iPhone Price Plans for Telus, Bell, Rogers and Fido

When Telus and Bell announced they would be debuting a shared HSPA+ network, everyone assumed the iPhone would be coming. Shortly afterwards, Telus and Bell confirmed they would be selling the iPhone. Exclusive Early Bird iPhone Price Plans for Telus and Bell (plus new Rogers/Fido plans) Our anonymous tipsters have provided some early leaks of […]

Canadian Apple Stores Receive iPhone Activation Centers

Apple Stores across Canada will finally be receiving the much talked about “iPhone Activation Centers” that have been popping up across USA-based Apple Stores. iPhone Activation Center These new activation centers will be a dedicated zone in which Apple customers or just strictly iPhone buyers can discuss, purchase and activate an iPhone just as you […]