RemoteNote: How to Edit your iPhone Notes Online!

**Register with the iPhone in Canada Forums to be able to enter contest giveaways and chat with the ONLY dedicated Canadian iPhone community! Click here to register!** One of the useful native apps on the iPhone is the Notes program. Here you can add simple notes and have them saved for later. However, if you […]

OtterBox Armor Series iPhone Case Review

Update: Click here to read our iPhone 4 OtterBox Defender/Commuter Case Review! Are you looking for the strongest iPhone case on the planet? I think I have just the case for you. Remember my review of the Defender series case? Well, all I have to say is the latest Armor series puts that case […]

Snapture: Your iPhone Camera on Steroids

Do you love steroids? You might, but I know your iPhone camera has been waiting for this day. Off topic aside, we touched briefly on this application during our first ever iPhone in Canada Podcast. The 3rd party app is called Snapture, and it’s a program that takes your 2 megapixel iPhone camera to the […]

How to Shave with an iPhone

This might not apply to all of you people out there, but for the hairy beasts out there with beards, mustaches, and goatees this app might work for you. Are you tired of your 5 o’clock shadow? Need to shave when you’re on the run? Well read on for more… The application is called Shaver, […]

BREAKING: Rogers iPhone Reviewed Update #2

Wow! Did you guys see that announcement on TV by the Rogers representatives in Toronto? I still can’t believe the iPhone got announced today! I just read the short article on the front pages of the Globe and Mail and CBC News. Rogers stores have released the iPhone and the first one has already been […]

OtterBox Defender Series iPhone Case Review

One of the first things new iPhone owners think about is “what case should I buy for my iPhone?”. Well, the first thing that came to my mind was a silicone case. However, silicone cases are bulky, dusty, and they hide the beauty of your iPhone (enter here for a FREE PDO Leather case). That’s […]

Helium Digital HD-340 Boombuds for Mobile Review

**Still waiting for the iPhone to launch in Canada? Sign the Great Canadian iPhone Petition to speed up the process! Click here to have your say in the matter NOW!** A few weeks back, I was contacted by by a representative from Helium Digital regarding an accessory review. The company wanted me to take a […]

BodyGuardz Full Body iPhone Case Review

**If you haven’t registered in the iPhone in Canada Forums yet, register now! I am giving away a FREE PDO Reviso Premium Leather iPhone Case! You can only enter by joining and posting in the forums. Don’t wait–register today! After that, read the requirements to enter in this thread!** What case are you using with […]

Capture: Screenshot Application for iPhones on 1.1.2, 1.1.3, 1.1.4

**Visit the NEW iPhone in Canada FORUMS! Click here to register and sign up–it’s free!** When my iPhone was running 1.1.1 firmware, I was able to freely use ScreenShot, a handy 3rd party app that took screenshots of my iPhone. I used this program to post reviews of the latest games and programs for your […]

Review: PDO Reviso Premium Leather iPhone Case

Here we go with another installment of some iPhone accessory reviews. The last time I mentioned PDO was when I reviewed their TopSkin silicone iPhone cases. This time around we’re going to take a look at their Reviso premium leather iPhone case. The cool thing about cases from PDO is that high quality screen protectors […]

Review: PDO ( TopSkin for iPhone

You just purchased your NEW iPhone–and you feel great! What’s next? Well, the first thing that comes to most people’s minds are “I need a case!”. Well, today we’re going to check out a review of the PDO TopSkin silicone case for the iPhone. What’s Included in the Box? Most silicone cases attract lots of […]

How to Convert Videos for your iPhone!

**Want a FREE InvisibleShield Full Body iPhone Case? Enter to Win HERE!** **Using an iPhone in Canada? Vote here to tell me where you are located!** The worst part about waiting somewhere is having nothing to do. That has all changed now that YOU have an iPhone! Now you can listen to mp3s or watch […]