invisibleSHIELD Contest Giveaway: Listen to Win!

Did you miss out on your chance to win an invisibleSHIELD by being the 900th poster in this thread? Well, I think everyone did because I modified the rules for the 200th poster to win a free invisibleSHIELD. Turns out the lucky 200th person from our Forums contest was X1Zero (I think he is addicted to the forums)! Congrats!

Since X1Zero is one of our famous iPhoneinCanada Talkcast speakers, he has decided to generously give it away during tonight’s podcast. So all you have to do is listen in to win a free invisibleSHIELD! Our podcast is sponsored by and this is part of our $250 invisibleSHIELD giveaway!

How to Win a FREE invisibleSHIELD from

Visit our Talkcast page and listen in tonight at 7pm PST/10pm EST. We have lots of hot topics to discuss this time around, with the June 9th WWDC around the corner and the inevitable release of the 3G iPhone in Canada (soon to arrive at the Apple Store in Vancouver). Don’t miss out, find some time and listen in tonight!

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