iPhone/iPod Repair Services in Canada by iShopRepair.ca

I’ve been lucky to have kept both my first gen iPhone and iPhone 3G in excellent cosmetic and working condition. Both iPhones have only been protected with the invisibleSHIELD only which has made me extra careful when handling the phones.

But what about those folks who have accidentally dropped their precious “Jesus-phones” and damaged the screen? Or even those who have run into a battery problem on their first gen iPhones? You could buy a new iPhone but that is costly. The best way is to probably find yourself a good iPhone or iPod repair service. That’s when our iPhone and iPod repair specialists from iShopRepair.ca come into play!

iShopRepair.ca – iPhone and iPod Repair Centre Located in Canada

When I heard about Peter’s iPhone and iPod repair service I was intrigued about the idea (there is a benefit for you readers out there, it’s coming up). I have an old 4th gen 20GB iPod that has bit the dust (thanks Apple). For some reason the lifespan of iPods aren’t very long. Maybe that’s how Apple keeps us buying the latest models year after year.

iPod Repair Services Offered

However, why purchase a newer model when your old iPod will work just fine? That’s when iShopRepair.ca can come into play. Based in Toronto, they offer a 24 hour mail-in ordering service for those not located in the “heart” of Canada:

iShopRepair.ca also offers a 24-hour mail-in ordering service for all customers unable to make it into our service centre. We commit to 24-hour response on all repair pricing. Simply choose the type of iPod or iPhone you have from our website, use our shipping calculator and pre-pay your return shipping…that’s it! Send us your iPod or iPhone and we will diagnose the problem and send you back a no obligation free quote. We will have your iPod up and running again and shipped back to you within 24 business hours of confirmation.

The following iPod parts are available to be replaced: LCD screens, hard drives, headphone jacks, extended life batteries, logic boards, click wheels, faceplates/backplates, and other repair parts, such as tools!

In a nutshell, if you have an old dusty iPod that is sitting around, you can bring it to iShopRepair.ca and they’ll give you a free quote. They call also buy your old iPod so it can be refurbished and re-sold.

iPhone Repair Services Offered

As for iPhone services they can diagnose your iPhone (for FREE), swap in a new battery, LCD screen, SIM tray replacements, or even jailbreak for you (that is if you’re too scared to follow my video tutorials!).


102A-1075 Bay Street
Toronto, ON Canada M5S 2B2
Tel: 647 428 7205

iShopRepair.ca’s Promotional Gift to iPhoneinCanada.ca Readers!

Peter has graciously decided to give back to our blog and all those loyal readers out there by donating FIVE free iPod battery replacements! Why let your old models die? Fix them up and give them to your kid or dog to play with!

Have iShopRepair.ca replace them for free and revitalize them! Here are the selected models that are eligible:

3rd Gen iPod
4th Gen iPod
4th Gen Photo iPod
5th Gen iPod (Video)
1st Gen Mini
2nd Gen Mini
1st Gen Nano

How to Enter iShopRepair.ca’s free iPod Battery Repair Contest

If you’d like to have a complimentary iPod battery replaced for one of the above models, post a comment below! Tell us why you want your battery repaired. The top 5 posts will be chosen by iShopRepair.ca and you’ll be on your way to a revitalized iPod! Good luck!