Fix for Instagram Not Working on iPhone Now Available to Stop App Crashing

Instagram for iOS

Is Facebook’s Instagram app not working on your iPhone? If that’s the case, a fix has been released by Meta for its social network.

On Wednesday afternoon, Instagram announced, “we fixed an issue that caused some people on iOS to have trouble accessing Instagram.”

The company went on to say, “the fix should now be in place for people with automatic iOS updates enabled. If you don’t, go to the App Store and update manually.” Instagram added, “[thank you] for the patience and sorry for the inconvenience.”

Version 255.1 of Instagram for iOS was released on Wednesday. This update fixes the bug in the previous version 255.0 that caused the app to crash at launch for those running iOS 16.0.2. One potential workaround was to delete Instagram and reinstall it. Numerous Instagram users shared the bug in action on Twitter and beyond:

You can click here to download Instagram in the App Store. Let us know if this latest update fixes your Instagram app from crashing in iOS 16.