How to Add Ringtones to your 1.1.4 iPhone with iTunes 7.6

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*edit* March 15: added a few steps to clarify this tutorial…thanks!

Happy Saturday everyone! When you think about it, the state of cellphone ringtones has evolved significantly over the years. The so called “ring ring” is out and now you have Joe Blow and his grandpa sporting mp3 clips and other miscellaneous sounds. Today this iPhone ringtone tutorial will show you how to add ringtones to your 1.1.4 iPhone in a matter of minutes!

How to Add Ringtones to your 1.1.4 iPhone with iTunes 7.6

  1. Launch iTunes. Go to the library. Click on Music.
  2. Go to Edit—>Preference—Advanced—Importing–make sure AAC Encoder is selected. Click OK.
  3. Right click any mp3/song. Click on “Get info”
  4. Under the “Options” tab, tick both boxes (Start time and Stop time) and change the time to the section of the clip you want made as a ringtone. It MUST be 30 seconds or less. For example, here I am making a 30 second clip of the Chicago Bulls theme song. Click OK
  5. itunes_ringtones.JPG
  6. Right click the song and go to “Convert selection to AAC”. It will convert and you will see a new clip appear in your music library.
  7. itunes_ringtones2.JPG
  8. Right click this new file and go to “Show in Windows Explorer”
  9. Tools—Folder Options—View tab—uncheck the box next to Hide extensions for known file types. Click OK.
  10. One click on the file, and rename the extension to .m4r (say YES when the prompt appears)
  11. Now, drag this “.m4r” file into the Ringtones folder on iTunes.
  12. itunes_ringtones4.JPG
  13. Under the Ringtones folder on your iPhone (plug in your iPhone if you haven’t), tick off the ringtones you want to sync with. Sync the iPhone–tada! You now have customized ringtones on your iPhone, for free!

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