How to Flip the FaceTime Camera in iOS 12 on iPhone

With iOS 12, Apple changed the placement of the flip camera button when it comes to FaceTime on the iPhone and iPad.

Originally, the button was placed right on the front, but now you need to tap the menu icon, then tap the flip button, which takes two taps to achieve. Such a simple change has never been so excruciating, as many iPhone owners have had to explain the new hidden setting to their less-techy family members.

Not only is the hidden placement a poor choice in iOS 12, but exiting the menu in FaceTime is nearly impossible too. You need to tap and drag down a precise spot above the red end call icon, to close it. During some FaceTime calls, it was so difficult to close the menu, both parties hung up and started another call. Why, Apple, whyyyyyyyy?!

Here’s how to flip the FaceTime camera in iOS 12 on your iPhone…

Step 1: During a FaceTime call, tap the menu button in the lower right corner:

Facetime flip camera button menu

Step 2: Tap the upper right icon ‘flip’, then tap the area above the red ‘x’ button and drag down to close the menu.

Facetime flip button

These six menu functions should be visible front and centre during a FaceTime call. There’s no need to hide them in a menu, as that is just a waste of time.

Some people on Reddit have speculated the revised menu was a result of Group FaceTime being delayed. Still, there’s no excuse for making it this difficult to flip the FaceTime camera.

This mind-boggling UI decision has resulted in me explaining to nearly all my family and friends how to flip the FaceTime camera. The worst part is, when you flip the camera, you can’t even tell because the menu takes up the bloody entire screen!

Apple most likely has heard feedback from angry customers over this poor UI decision within FaceTime. Let’s hope it gets fixed soon. You can tell Apple how you really feel by heading over to their Product Feedback page here. Now, excuse me as I go use the Breathe app on Apple Watch for the first time ever, to calm down (just kidding, I’m not mad…ok, maybe just half-annoyed).