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How To: Set Up iPhone Windows Live Hotmail With Exchange ActiveSync

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As promised, today Microsoft delivered on Exchange ActiveSync for Hotmail.

ActiveSync for Hotmail allows Hotmail users to receive push e-mail for free on their mobile devices such as an iPhone.

With Exchange ActiveSync, there is no need to set your iPhone to fetch email every 15, 30, or 60 minutes. The message will come instantly.

How To Get Exchange ActiveSync Working With Hotmail On iPhone

To get Exchange ActiveSync working on your iDevice, follow along with the steps below:

1.) On your iDevice, go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account.

2.) Tap on Microsoft Exchange.

3.) Input the following information:

  • Email: Your Hotmail address (
  • Domain: Leave it blank
  • Username: Your Hotmail address (
  • Password: Your Hotmail password
  • Description: Hotmail

Tap on Next. Once the account is verified, a new “Server” field will appear. When it does, input the following:

  • Server:

4.) Now enable push for either Mail, Contacts, or Calendar or all three.

Note that this has not been tested @live or @msn accounts, so if you have these accounts, try it out and report back!

Update: Users have confirmed that the above settings work with @live, @msn, and


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