Hands-On Comparison of ‘iPad mini 2’ Shell vs iPad mini, ‘iPad 5’ [VIDEO]

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Last night we saw YouTube channel ‘unbox therapy’ post the first hands on video comparing the alleged new iPad 5 shell to the iPad 4. The channel promised a video would be upcoming of a similar hands on video with the iPad mini 2 shell and it had appeared as promised. Again, the shells were acquired via the help of @SonnyDickson.

Check it out below:

From the video, there are no major design changes aside from the Apple logo on the iPad mini 2 shell showing in silver opposed to black on the current iPad mini. It would be an un-Apple move if the second generation design was completely new on top of hardware upgrades.

Apple is expected to debut new iPads this fall, most likely in October again similar to last year, but this time many expect the iPad mini to come with a Retina display.

Have you been holding out for the second generation iPad mini?

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  • Chrome262

    how are they getting all these components? come on I didn’t see a major theft of components in the news, or massive firings.

  • WatDah

    As much as I wanna deny these to be real, seems like they do seem to be the real deal…. But it really baffles me how these leaks came to be…. This time around, there’s more leaks than ever before. How/why is Apple letting this slide…. Do we even need an event announcement anymore??

    Gary, my bet with the other guy still stands. I still don’t wanna believe it, but my faith is fading….

  • What was your bet again?

  • Shameer Mulji

    The iPad 5 looks pretty slick. Hopefully it comes in the full black / slate version like the iPad mini.

  • Shameer Mulji

    As long as they keep making great products that are enjoyable to use I’ll still have faith, irregardless of product leaks.

  • WatDah

    Oh hey there you are.
    Not so sure if a deliberately tuned down product can be a great product, but I guess we’ll know soon enough.

  • adam

    do you think they will announce the ipad mini on the 10th? parents want one, told them to wait till the new one comes out instead of buying the old one.

  • Chrome262

    yeah but the main products are still there. I think while Steve always say Apple as a “get what you pay for ” company, and people are willing to pay more for it. I think cook wants to increase marketshare, especially in Asia, and they need lower end products for that. I mean come on, they are use to Samsung as premium lol. With that many people all you need is like 10% increase and you are looking at millions, if not 100 of millions iin profit. I personally think its ok, if Apple doesn’t get more market share I think its fine the way it is.

  • No. Separate event possibly in October again.