Upcoming 9.7-inch ‘iPad Pro’ May Include 12MP Camera with 4K Video [Rumour]

According to a new report by 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman, sources inform him the rumoured debut of the 9.7-inch ‘iPad Pro’ may include a 12MP camera and support 4K video, according to “internal prototypes of the smaller model,” with a camera sensor similar to that found on the iPhone 6s.

This would be really odd if true, since the 12.9-inch iPad Pro only comes with an 8MP rear camera, like what’s currently on the iPad Air 2. The motive for adding a higher resolution camera to the smaller 9.7-inch ‘iPad Pro’ could be Apple’s play to push further photography using an iPad.

But as we all know too well, seeing people use an iPad to take pictures at weddings and other events is a sight for sore eyes. Adding a higher megapixel camera to the 9.7-inch ‘iPad Pro’ would also increase its cost, and might also cannibalize sales of the larger 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

Apple is said to hold its upcoming special event the week of March 21st, where we will also see the possible debut of the new 4-inch ‘iPhone SE’.