Report: iPhone 5 Sales Push Android Devices Into Second Spot in the US


Driven by the success of the iPhone 5, iOS has once again dethroned Android, as it now holds the biggest market share in the US, according to a recently released Kantar Worldpanel Comtech report.

iPhone 5

As the study highlights, during the past twelve weeks, strong sales of the iPhone 5 have pushed Apple’s iOS market share up, with the Cupertino company’s mobile operating system owning 48.1% share of US smartphone sales, while Android dropped to 46.7%.

However, this seems like a local success: iOS didn’t perform as well in Europe, where Android retains the crown as the most popular mobile OS, accounting for 73.9% of sales in Germany, and 81.7% in Spain.

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Apple’s surging iPhone 5 sales are mostly driven by consumer loyalty, according to the Kantar study: about 62% of already existing Apple clientele upgraded to the new device. Another 13% of the iPhone 5 owners are buyers switching from Android, and 6% from Blackberry devices.

[Via The Globe and Mail]