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Report: iPhone 5 Sales Push Android Devices Into Second Spot in the US

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Driven by the success of the iPhone 5, iOS has once again dethroned Android, as it now holds the biggest market share in the US, according to a recently released Kantar Worldpanel Comtech report.

iPhone 5

As the study highlights, during the past twelve weeks, strong sales of the iPhone 5 have pushed Apple’s iOS market share up, with the Cupertino company’s mobile operating system owning 48.1% share of US smartphone sales, while Android dropped to 46.7%.

However, this seems like a local success: iOS didn’t perform as well in Europe, where Android retains the crown as the most popular mobile OS, accounting for 73.9% of sales in Germany, and 81.7% in Spain.

Apple’s surging iPhone 5 sales are mostly driven by consumer loyalty, according to the Kantar study: about 62% of already existing Apple clientele upgraded to the new device. Another 13% of the iPhone 5 owners are buyers switching from Android, and 6% from Blackberry devices.

[Via The Globe and Mail]

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