Apple Stores Block On In-Store iDevices

When for iOS 3.2 and higher devices was released, users were amazed at how fast and easy it was to jailbreak your iDevice. jailbreaks a users device using only the internet and mobile Safari, with no computer required.

So with a jailbreak that easy, the next thing to do is to jailbreak all of the iDevices at your local Apple Store, right? RIGHT! That is exactly what happened.

Soon after the launch of, Apple Store iDevice display units were being jailbroken all across North America, with some users even filming the deed! Well, you know Apple would not stand this for long.

Earlier today, Twitter users began reporting that Apple had in fact blocked the website from being accessed on iPhone/iPod touch/iPad units located inside of an Apple Store. When navigating to, users are now forwarded back to Apple’s homepage!

I guess it was fun while it lasted!