Cydia: Monocle Brings Full-Screen Mode To Every iOS App [Free Download]

Famous iOS developer Ryan Petrich has released an all new jailbreak tweak called Monocle in Cydia store that allows users to enable full-screen mode for all stock iOS applications such as Notes, Maps, Settings etc (via modmyi). Once installed, the tweak allows users to toggle the full-screen mode on demand by invoking an Activator action from within an app. By default, Monocle is invoked by shaking the device while inside of an application.

As tested by the source:

Monocle works with most applications as well. You can change the Activator action to whatever you would like to use to toggle full-screen mode from applications. The tweak comes with some options to configure along with choosing the Activator action you would like to use.

Since it is imperative for some applications not to have hidden elements, you can choose which elements are hidden from applications. You can opt to hide or show the status bar, tab bar, toolbar, or navigation bar. By default, all of these are enabled so that everything is hidden. For some applications like Dropbox, you might need to see that tab bar, so you would disable that switch to see it.

To download Monocle Cydia tweak for free, simply add Ryan Petrich’s beta repository:

Go to: Cydia > Manage > Sources > Edit > Add