MultiTunes Released in Cydia – Allows Syncing to Multiple iTunes Libraries

Since the introduction of the iPod, we have managed our music in a completely different way than we used to. Before the “.mp3”, we would have to actually go to a store to purchase an LP, cassette, or CD (depending on your age). If a friend had a song you wanted listen to, you would have to physically borrow the media, to listen to it on your own home stereo.

One of the most frustrating limitations of the iPod and iTunes, is that you can only sync to one library. This has gotten a little better with iCloud and iTunes Match, wherein you don’t really need a computer to sync your music anymore. We still have the problem of not being able to sync to a friend’s library, and sync songs and videos from their computer.

This is where “MultiTunes” comes in. This great new app, just released in Cydia by Harrison Apps LLC, allows you to sync to as many libraries as you want. When you install it, you’ll get a new app on your device (works on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad), where you can add and manage your multiple libraries. When you’re about to sync to some one else’s iTunes, open up the app, add a new library, and select it. It’s that simple. Wen you open up your Music or iPod app, you’ll only see content from the library selected in MutilTunes. When you want to sync to your own library, simply open MultiTunes and select the Default library, and you’ll see all your content again. In my screen shots, you can see that I have no music in my “Friend’s Computer” library, but I actually have over 24 GBs of music on my iPhone.


They do issue an important warning: before downloading or updating anything from iTunes or the App Store, make sure your Default library is selected in MultiTunes, or your content may not download properly.

This is a feature I would gladly pay for, but MultiTunes is available in Cydia now, for FREE!