MuscleNerd Announces A Major Redsn0w Jailbreak Update, Here Are The Details

Dev-Team member @MuscleNerd tweeted earlier today announcing a huge update to their Redsn0w jailbreak tool for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The main highlight of this upcoming Redsn0w version is the ability to jailbreak iOS devices without even having to manually point at their corresponding .IPSW files which is quite a hassle especially for untethered jailbreaks where each reboot requires a re-run of Redsn0w with manual .IPSW selection every time. Also, the update supports SHSH blobs storage and submission to Cydia.

He tweeted the following:

Will be pushing out a major redsn0w feature upgrade before my trip to Korea: (and look, no IPSW selection button!)

@mahockey1 it automatically fetches the important pieces directly from Apple (and caches them so that it never needs to re-fetch them again)

Replying to a twitter follower, MuscleNerd responded that Redsn0w will only download the “important pieces directly from Apple” for performing a jailbreak. This means, Redsn0w will automatically detect iOS device model, firmware version and saved SHSH information making the jailbreak process a piece of cake!

Below is the image posted by MuscleNerd showing what the next big update has to offer: