Pod2g Says New Jailbreak Is Just Days Away From Release

If you have a newer iOS device, and have been waiting for a new jailbreak, I’m sure you have been following the progress of pod2g’s newest untethered jailbreak, for iOS 5.1.1. Early this morning, pod2g posted on Twitter that the team working on the new jailbreak have made some great progress, and they are getting close to a final release.

This is exciting news. Especially for those with an iPad 3, or those who have just purchased an iPhone 4S, that may have came with iOS 5.1 or later. Some would argue that there are not many advantages to upgrading from iOS 5.0.1, where the current untethered jailbreak works, but this new jailbreak will finally allow jailbreak users to upgrade to Apple’s latest version of iOS. We should also remind you that this is not an unlock for the iPhone. In fact, using this tool will most likely require you to upgrade your firmware in iTunes, losing any unlock you may have right now. Bottom line: stay away from this jailbreak if you need to use an unofficial unlock on your iPhone.

A quick side note: it is great to see Canadian iOS hacker @planetbeing back on the scene. Unlike most of the folks working on jalibreak stuff, planetbeing stays really quiet, seeming to just disappear for months on end. When you do hear about any activity from him, in the iOS world, he’s usually swooping in to save the day, like an iOS super hero. Okay, well, that’s a little over the top. 😛 Planetbeing has been a big help to both The Chronic Dev Team and The iPhone Dev Team, over the years. He’s is truly in it for the fun of the hack.

We’ll let you know when the new jailbreak is released, and we will have tutorials, to help you jailbreak your iDevice.