Sn0wbreeze: PwnageTool for Windows Preview (Video)

The iPhone Dev Team has created quite the gem with their custom iPhone firmware tool, PwnageTool. The downfall though? It is only availabe for OSX, which leaves out a huge chunk of iPhone users on the PC.

Well, Sn0wbreeze is coming to town fairly soon and it is the Windows equivalent of PwnageTool. It is being created by iH8Sn0w and he recently posted a teaser video. It’s not fully complete yet, but this will give Windows users a sense of what the GUI will be like. Check it out below:

Sn0wbreeze looks very straightforward and it will be put to good use once the next iPhone firmware is released. Of course, if you’re looking to jailbreak your iPhone, don’t forget to check out our full Jailbreak Guide via Blackra1n.