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Review: cuteFrog

Hey all! So, I was browsing the iTunes AppStore and I came across a game called cuteFrog and after playing with it for a few minutes, I found myself very confused on why I kept on dieing in the game. Did I really suck that much?! But after a few minutes more of playing, I […]

Confirmed: Rogers To Release 15GB Data Plan, Evidence

On Wednesday we were discussing a new Data Plan option that is coming from Rogers on June 16, 2009. It includes 15GB of data per month and costs a hefty $150 per month! The new Data Plan supports all Rogers Smartphones, iPhones, Blackberries, and Mobile Internet Sticks and seems to be geared toward very heavy […]

Review: Free WiFi Cafe Spots

Today I have an app for all of you out there that try to find free WiFi (Wireless Internet) hot spots. This app will be extremely useful to those of you that do not have data on your iPhone plans but also to those that do! Free WiFi Cafe Spots by Guenter Wolf This application […]

Apple WWDC 2009 Banners Now Up, App Store Focus?

Four. More. Days. That’s right, WWDC 2009 kicks off next Monday and just yesterday the first photos have appeared online from Moscone West. Taken by Adam Jackson, one of the main banners highlights the following text: “One year later. Light-years ahead.” Whether you want to buy into Apple’s marketing or not, you have to give […]

Review: Westbang

Six-shooters, cowboys, and money…sounds like the Old West to me and Westbang is here to bring it to your iPhone! Westbang by Rake In Grass Westbang is an arcade style shooter re-made for the iPhone. The premise of the story is that the town sheriff has been killed and the townsfolk are desperate for protection […]

Rogers To Release 15GB Data Plan, Empties Your Wallet

Beginning June 16, 2009, all new and existing Rogers Wireless customers are eligible for a new Data Plan. The plan includes 15GB of Data and runs for $150 per month. It is primarily geared towards seriously heavy data users and the Rogers Mobile Internet Stick. Data Plan for Heavy Users (Effective June 16, 2009) Price: […]

Rogers Android Revolution Has Arrived: Did You Switch?

Yesterday was a milestone day for Canadians–they finally got a taste of Android smartphones in Canada. Rogers launched the HTC Dream and Magic yesterday in Canada. In three more days, Bell will launch the Palm Pre in Canada. Next week, Apple’s WWDC begins. The summer smartphone war is finally heating up! Here are the Android […]

BREAKING: Rogers 6GB Data Plan Is BACK! But Not For iPhones?!

Starting TODAY, June 2, 2009, any activation as a new customer or upgrade to the HTC Dream or HTC Magic, is automatically eligible for the $30 6GB Smartphone Data Plan! This plan runs on a 3 year contract and must be tied to another voice plan. So it is Voice Plan + 6GB Data plan […]

iTunes 8.2 Available: Avoid if Your iPhone is Jailbroken

Just a quick note for all the jailbroken iPhone users out there. Yesterday Apple released version 8.2 of iTunes. If you possess a jailbroken iPhone and plan to jailbreak in the future, the iPhone Dev Team has advised everyone to avoid the update for now. Here’s what iPhone Dev Team member MuscleNerd had to say […]

Fido to Get 4GB iPhone with iChat? 32GB iPhones?

More next generation iPhone rumors coming your way, folks. Yesterday BGR reported that Fido is going to be carrying a 4GB iPhone that has iChat capabilities for $99. On top of that, Engadget reports iPhones have garnered approval by the PCS Type Review Certification Board in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB capacities. Regarding the so […]

Rogers Adds MMS To iPhone Value Packs!

So we were briefly discussing the other day about whether or not Rogers would be adding MMS to the existing iPhone Value Packs and whether or not there will be a price increase. Well, it has been announced and it seems that MMS is being added to all of the Rogers Value Packs in anticipation […]

Next Generation iPhone Spotted in Vancouver, BC

We are a week away from Apple’s WWDC, where the next generation iPhone is supposed to be unveiled. Well, it looks like just yesterday I spotted the next generation iPhone in the wild in Vancouver! Take a look at the following pic: Okay, so that might NOT be the actual layout of the new iPhone […]