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iPhone in Canada Podcasting with Talkshoe–LIVE!

Hey folks, I hope you guys enjoyed the April Fools jokes (here and here) from the other day. However, I would like to apologize to those who ran into troubles with the “Rick roll” link (I did not mean any harm and I am sorry if you had to force close your browser and such) […]

Winner of the PDO Reviso Leather iPhone Case!

A big thanks to those who entered my PDO Reviso Premium Leather iPhone Case contest! The only way to enter was by registering and posting in the new iPhone in Canada forums! You can read the review of the case here. Drumroll please (don’t worry, not a Rick Roll this time)…the winner is…none other than […]

BREAKING: Rogers iPhone Reviewed Update #2

Wow! Did you guys see that announcement on TV by the Rogers representatives in Toronto? I still can’t believe the iPhone got announced today! I just read the short article on the front pages of the Globe and Mail and CBC News. Rogers stores have released the iPhone and the first one has already been […]

BREAKING: iPhone in Canada Announced by Rogers!

Wow…I have some HUGE news everyone. The wait is finally over! I just got off the phone an hour ago with my Uncle who is a Marketing Manager with Rogers back in Toronto and he says the iPhone being anounced in Canada today! The announcement will take place at 12:00 EST, and immediately the iPhones […]

OtterBox Defender Series iPhone Case Review

One of the first things new iPhone owners think about is “what case should I buy for my iPhone?”. Well, the first thing that came to my mind was a silicone case. However, silicone cases are bulky, dusty, and they hide the beauty of your iPhone (enter here for a FREE PDO Leather case). That’s […]

How to Install NES 2.0.5 + ROMS on your iPhone

**Still waiting for the iPhone to launch in Canada? Sign the Great Canadian iPhone Petition to speed up the process! Click here to have your say in the matter NOW!** Probably one of the BEST apps for the iPhone is the NES emulator that I reviewed a while back. Anyways, I am sure you are […]

Helium Digital HD-340 Boombuds for Mobile Review

**Still waiting for the iPhone to launch in Canada? Sign the Great Canadian iPhone Petition to speed up the process! Click here to have your say in the matter NOW!** A few weeks back, I was contacted by by a representative from Helium Digital regarding an accessory review. The company wanted me to take a […]

The Great Canadian iPhone Petition!

The iPhone is going to come to Canada–it has to. Let’s just think about this for a minute. Users in Europe have already experienced the amazing Apple iPhone launched there, yet the United States’ biggest trading partner and neighbour is still looking in from the outside? It just doesn’t add up. So today that is […]

Update: Canadian iPhone Trademark Status

When is the iPhone coming to the Canada? We don’t know! However, if the following update on the Canadian iPhone Trademark status gives us any hints, it should be here soon. We just don’t know when! As some of you may already know, a Canadian company named Comcave owns the trademark for “iPhone” in Canada. […]

Thursday’s iPhone News Round Up

Welcome to Thursday! We’ve made it over the hump! Anyways, for today I thought I’d give a shout out to some of the more interesting stories I’ve seen lately. The following sites have written about some interesting news, and now it’s your turn to check them out. Here they are in no particular order: iPhone […]

The Ultimate iPhone Poem!

When I read this, I laughed and just had to post it here for everyone to read. It’s iPhone in Canada Forum user Ozzie’s contest entry my PDO Reviso Premium Leather iPhone Case Contest! (read the review here) How to enter the contest? It’s super easy! Register for forums, then head over and enter in […]

More iPhone 2.0 Screenshots: iPhone AppStore

**If you haven’t registered in the iPhone in Canada Forums yet, register now! I am giving away a FREE PDO Reviso Premium Leather iPhone Case! You can only enter by joining and posting in the forums. Don’t wait–register today! After that, read the requirements to enter in this thread!** I’ve posted about the pending release […]