Alfred 4 Download for Mac Released, Offering New Features

Alfred4hat 250

Alfred 4 for Mac has launched, bringing the latest version of the productivity app for Apple desktop and notebook users.

“It’s here! It’s really here! After months of intense development and testing, we’re delighted to say that Alfred 4 is here,” writes the developer Crayons Ltd.

“Our wonderful beta testers have put Alfred 4 through its paces over the past few months, and we have a solid release available for you even before our original target of June!”

Alfred 4 now offers a new internal preferences search, overhauled preferences interface, Dark Mode support for macOS Mojave, new and updated Workflow Objects, a Workflow debugger, Rich Text snippets and auto-expanding snippets, a new theme editor and more.

Essentially Alfred 4 is Apple’s Spotlight search on steroids, offering more features to enhance your productivity with its time-saving features.

The application is a free download but the Alfred 4 Powerpack single license unlocks more features, at $39 CAD, while an upgrade price for existing users is also available.