Apple Stores in Canada Now Accept Mac Trade-Ins

Apple store mac trade in

Apple Stores in Canada now accept in-store trade-ins for Mac, as the program has launched today.

Earlier this month, it was reported Apple’s in-store trade-in program would include Mac computers, starting on June 18, 2020. According to changes on Apple’s website, the program is live as wording no longer indicates Macs are excluded, as reported by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. is estimated trade-in value ranging from the following prices:

  • MacBook Pro – Up to $2460
  • MacBook Air – Up to $970
  • MacBook – Up to $670
  • iMac Pro – Up to $5390
  • iMac – Up to $1950
  • Mac Pro – Up to $2210
  • Mac mini – Up to $1540

You can click here to learn more about the Apple Trade-In program, which gives you credit towards your next purchase or in the form of an Apple Gift Card.