Apple To Release Updated Mail App For OS X Mavericks To Fix Gmail Issues

Gmail users who are experiencing issues with receiving messages, sorting messages into folders and deleting messages in OS X Mavericks’ bundled Mail application, rejoice as Apple is aware of the problem and is testing an updated Mail app in order to fix the issues. According to 9to5Mac, an updated Mail application has already been seeded to Apple employees and testers within Apple’s Customer AppleSeed program.

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The source reports that Apple has informed the Mail App testers that this update fixes issues with Gmail, smart mailboxes, and overall stability. The updated Mail app, which has been seeded as a patch download, is Version 7.0 and is labeled as build 1822. The OS X Mavericks 10.9.0 Mail app, for comparison, is Version 7.0 with build number 1816.

Apple also asks these users to test for the following:

– Use Mail with your usual Mail accounts, including iCloud, Gmail, Exchange, etc.

– Send Mail messages

– Receive and check for new Mail messages at the intervals you expect it

– Read and move Mail messages to folders on your mail server, folders on your Mac, smart folders.

– Delete Mail messages as appropriate

– Undo move or delete actions with your Mail messages

– Mark messages read/unread in both your mail provider’s webpage and Mail and verify they stay in sync.

Are you having trouble with Gmail in OS X Mavericks’ Mail app?