Black & White iPhone 5 Parts Leaked In The Wild!

Here we go again guys, the same old story begins! Will Apple introduce only a black iPhone 5 at launch or is it gonna be a white one too? Remember the iPhone 4’s initial launch when Steve Jobs waved at the crowd holding a White iPhone 4 in his hand? It truly got us all carried away, though it turned out we had to wait almost a year to get one officially. Well don’t get excited this time as a fresh batch of leaked iPhone 5 parts which has just appeared online comes in both black and white colors.

As posted by MacRumors, two iPhone 5 parts from a couple of online suppliers have been found, one being a camera lens replacement for the iPhone 5 while the other is a replacement headphone jack. Interestingly, the headphone jack is available in both white and black colors which puts us in the same “what color would I get” dilemma. The following leaked pictures have been obtained from Truesupplier, a chinese online cell phone parts retailer.

Earlier this month, there was a leaked iPhone 5 proximity sensor published on a similar online retailer alongside some alleged third-party next gen iPhone cases which suggested that the next handset will have a completely re-designed exterior sporting a flat back, slimmer profile and curved sides similar to the iPad 2.

So what do you say guys, will Canada be getting a white iPhone 5 at launch?