Evidence Of 13″ Retina MacBook Pro Pops Up Once Again

Back in July, some rumors regarding a 13″ Retina MacBook Pro surfaced which suggested that Apple may have deliberately postponed mass shipments of the device due to shortages of 13″ Retina display. Soon after, a report by DigiTimes refuted all such rumors. Today, a new publication by Mac Rumors points towards latest Geekbench results database that shows the presence of a “MacBookPro10,2″ entry which is a 13” MacBook Pro with Retina display. The source as well as Geekbench developer Primate Labs believe the entry to be genuine. In comparison, the 15″ Retina MacBook Pro carries a “MacBookPro10,1” identifier, while current non-Retina versions of the MacBook Pro carry “MacBookPro9,x” identifiers.

Detailing from the source:

The new machine runs a 2.9 GHz Core i7-3520M, the same processor found in the current high-end model of the non-Retina 13-inch MacBook Pro. The machine’s motherboard identifier also matches the previous machine, which itself matched a previously unaccounted for identifier seen in early developer builds of OS X Mountain Lion. And as would be expected for machines running the same specs, the two machines have very similar Geekbench scores of roughly 7800.

In addition, this new entry reflects a MacBook Pro with 8 GB of RAM, in line with what ships paired with the Core i7-3520M on the corresponding non-Retina model.

Geekbench results have on several occasions revealed upcoming Mac models, most recently in mid-May with the MacBookPro9,1 that turned out to be the non-Retina 15-inch MacBook Pro upon its release the following month.

Previous reports have also claimed that Apple has demanded its upstream partners to start supplying components for the 13-inch model in the third quarter of 2012. So, are we going to see Apple announce a 13″ Retina MacBook Pro at speculated September 12 event?