Next Generation iPhone To Feature White Front Panel?

First iPhone prototype leaks and then leaked next generation iPhone cases, but wait, there’s more!

Reports this morning point to the possibility of the next generation iPhone to feature both white and black colored casings. While the next iPhone is expected to feature both colors for casing, as Apple as had since the iPhone 3G, the unique part is that the front panel may also share the color scheme.

With the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, each iPhone came with either a black colored back casing or a white colored back casing (except the 8GB iPhone 3G). From the front, both iPhones were identical.

With the next generation iPhone, the white colored back casing may also feature a white color front panel and the black colored back casing looks like it will receive a darkened front panel, making the two iPhone versions very distinct.

What do you think of the white colored front casing? Do you have a white colored iPhone right now?