Here’s an Amazing OS X Concept Inspired by iOS 7

OSX11 002 imac2013 front 1024x1024

Designer Andrew Ambrosino has shared an amazing OS X concept, inspired by iOS 7’s flatter design. The concept imagines translucent blurs in a flatter UI and overall streamlining.

The concept images show a redesigned version of the Desktop, Messages app, and the OS X Login screen. I personally love the idea of a transparent menu bar with an expandable menu, especially imagining how amazing it would look on a Retina MacBook Pro display.

OSX11 001 imac2013 right1 1024x1024

OSX11 003 imac2013 left 1024x1024

Last month, we shared a Messages app for OS X concept, that presented a beautiful looking interface and a color scheme much better aligned with OS X Mavericks. And in case you haven’t already, do check out this ultra-thin iPhone Air concept as well.