WSJ Confirms Apple Tablet To Ship March 2010?

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple will begin shipping its rumored Tablet in March for a whopping $1,000. This comes as rumors continue to rise about whether the January Apple event will be on the 26th or 27th.

While the shipping time hasn’t been finalized and could change, people briefed on the matter said the new tablet device will come with a 10- to 11-inch touch screen. One of the people briefed on the matter added that Apple was working on two different material finishes for the tablet, though it was unclear whether the Cupertino, Calif., company was just testing them or planning to come out with multiple versions of the device at different prices.

The entry level MacBook Pro comes in at $1,299 and MacBook at $1,099. If the tablet has similar specs, I suppose $1,000 is reasonable. What do you think?