1Password 6.3: “The Passion Project” Released for Mac


AgileBits has today announced the launch of 1Password 6.3: The Passion Project for Mac, which adds support for three more web browsers i.e. Vivaldi, Brave and Opera developer, enabling you to log in to any website safely and securely with these browsers. The updated Mac app now also lets let the Large Type password window be anchored so that you can click elsewhere without it disappearing.

Vivaldi aims to be the most customizable of browsers (and is it ever!), Brave is focused on security and privacy and Opera developer is for those who love to live on the edge. These browsers are now verified by 1Password.

We introduced Large Type in 1Password 5.4 and it immediately became one of your favorite features. Among your love notes and thank-yous were some enthusiastic pleas to let the Large Type window be anchored.

To anchor a Large Type password window, simply drag the window and it will become an anchored window that won’t disappear until you close it or lock your vault.


Check out the full release notes at this link.