Photographer Recovers Over $7,000 Worth of Stolen Gear Thanks to AirTags

Sydney, Australia-based photographer Graham Tait was able to recover over $7,000 worth of equipment stolen from his car in a parking lot, thanks to Apple’s AirTags which were attached to some of the items, 9to5Mac is reporting.

Apple AirTags

“My car was broken into whilst we were travelling in the Flinders Ranges last night and they took a laptop bag and camera – both of which had AirTags fitted,” the photographer told 9News.

He was then able to open the Find My app and find the location of his stolen gear. After calling the police, the photographer recovered everything, including a wallet, camera, laptop, and GoPro from a room in the hotel he was staying in.

While there have been incidents where Apple’s coin-sized tracking devices have been used to stalk individuals, cars, and other valuables, tracking lost or stolen items is truly what the AirTags are meant to do.

You can purchase a single-pack AirTag for $39 or a four-pack for $129 from Apple, with the option to engrave them with letters or an emoji for free.