Share: Lightning Deal: Anker 40W 5-Port USB Wall Charger for 22% Off at $27.99


If you have multiple USB devices to charge all the time that require various amounts of power (such as an iPad), the Anker 40W 5-port desktop USB wall charger is what you should be looking for. This credit card-sized charger is currently a Lightning Deal on, on sale for 22% off at $27.99 which includes free shipping.

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Ankara’s PowerIQ technology detects your device and maximizes charging speeds (up to 8A), so that means your iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6 Plus can charger faster over using a regular USB port, up to 5 iPads at the same time.

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This tiny charger would make a great spot on your bedside table or office if you require fast and powerful USB charging. As of writing, the Lightning Deal has been 60% claimed and is only available for just over 13 hours.


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Click here to jump on the Anker 40W 5-port USB wall charger from while it’s still available. Looks like a great solution if you need to charge multiple tablets and higher powered smartphones and want it done quickly.

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