Amazon Web Services Announces Alexa for Business

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has today announced the launch of a new service called ‘Alexa for Business’, which provides every employee with an intelligent assistant to simplify their interactions with the technology around them at work, such as in conference rooms, at their desks, and around the office. The service can also automate tasks like starting conference calls, scheduling meetings, reordering supplies, and more.


According to the press release, Alexa for Business supports a large and growing list of new skills and integrations from companies like Salesforce, Concur, and Polycom, that extend its functionality into the popular applications and devices customers already use in the workplace. Companies can easily tailor Alexa for Business by building custom “private” skills that integrate with a customer’s IT applications and office systems.

There are many tasks around the office that can be time consuming or frustratingly difficult to figure out, such as finding and scheduling an open conference room, getting someone to fix a broken piece of office equipment, or locating a coworker’s office. Alexa for Business helps solve many of these hassles by allowing people to use their voices to interact with technology throughout their workdays. As an intelligent assistant at work, Alexa for Business makes starting a conference call as simple as asking Alexa to “start the meeting.” 

Alexa for Business can help workers manage calendars, keep up with to-do lists, and make phone calls. Around the office, it can handle tasks like notifying IT of an equipment issue, or finding and booking an open conference room.

To help customers easily voice-enable their offices, Alexa for Business includes the tools to set-up and manage Alexa devices, enroll users, and assign skills at scale. Visit this link to learn more about the service.