Amazon Compares FireTV vs Apple TV vs Roku 3, Says We Have ‘3x the Processing Power’

Back in April Amazon launched the Fire TV for $99 in the USA, as a direct competitor to the Apple TV. Now the company has taken to its homepage to again tout the FireTV’s advantages over other media players, including the Apple TV, Roku 3 and Google Chromecast.

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The FireTV, according to Amazon has “3X the processing power” over the Apple TV and Roku 3, while a chart illustrates the major features and services available compared across its competitors:

Screenshot 2014 09 01 10 30 52

The specifications game might help you win over the crowd that favours them, but at the end of the day user experience counts too.

As much as Amazon has made a point here touting the FireTV, customer reviews on the product page seem to tell another story, with three top comments that ought to give you a few chuckles:

Screenshot 2014 09 01 11 42 24

Amazon has previously targeted Apple in the past, as an ad from last year mocked the iPad Air and Jony Ive.

Currently, an Apple promo is offering a $25 iTunes card with all Apple TV purchases until the end of September, to coincide with the iTunes Festival in London, which starts today.

The Apple TV hasn’t had a major refresh lately, but it’s due for one sometime soon, possibly coming in 2015. It’s a great time to be a consumer if you’re looking for a media device, as competition is a wonderful thing.