Amazon Launches Prime Gaming in Canada

Prime gaming

Amazon has announced the launch of Prime Gaming in Canada, which offers benefits for Prime subscribers.

Formerly known as Twitch Prime when it debuted in 2016, the rebrand to Prime Gaming brings “more content, more free games, and a monthly Twitch channel subscription,” according to Amazon in an email to iPhone in Canada.

The top features of Prime Gaming include:

  • Access to content including exclusive skins for Apex Legends, a Player Pick Pack for FIFA20, and Exotic weapons and more for Destiny 2, plus brand-new items for Roblox later this month
  • More exclusive in-game content every month, including valuable items like currency, boosts, upgrades, customization options for characters like skins and costumes, weapons and equipment
  • A rotating collection of PC games for free that are theirs to keep forever
  • A free Twitch channel subscription

Amazon says Prime Gaming is included with a Prime membership and Prime Video subscription in over 200 countries, including Canada. Prime Gaming content can be claimed starting today.

Click here to sign up for Amazon Prime in Canada—it includes a free 30-day trial.