Check Out This High-End Android Based iPhone 6 Knockoff [PICS]

Dakeleside png

While there may be a dozen other cheap iPhone 6 knockoffs out there in the market, Dakele’s latest smartphone, the Dakele 3, sure looks more like the iPhone 6 than any other Chinese clone available. Discovered by BusinessInsider (via GizmoChina), the android-based iPhone 6 knockoff features high-end components like those you’d find in a real iPhone and other premium Android smartphones, and costs only US $240.


The Dakele 3 looks almost exactly like the iPhone 6, featuring the same grey aluminum curved edges and black faceplate, as well as a circular home button, thought it doesn’t host a fingerprint sensor. The back of the phone looks similar too, except for the fact that the camera doesn’t protrude like the iPhone 6’s does.

Here’s a comparison photo of the device placed next to an original iPhone 6. Take a look and share your thoughts with us in the comments section.