Android Owners are Envious of the iPhone 6s Getting iOS 14

Apple has officially confirmed that its latest iOS 14 will be compatible with every iPhone model released since the iPhone 6S, which came out nearly five years ago in 2015. Apple’s decision to bring the latest iOS features to older iPhones allows users still holding onto their devices to use them for at least another year.

Ios 14

On the other hand, however, the most recent official version of the Android software Samsung Galaxy S6, the flagship Android device from 2015, received was Android 7 Nougat, which was released in 2016. And that too wasn’t till 2017 before the Galaxy S6 actually received the update. Worst of all, there has been no official update since.

As Android Authority points out, it is hard to even imagine Samsung announcing in 2020 that its Galaxy S6 smartphone from 2015 would be getting the latest Android 11 software.

Here’s what they think:

We realize that you can’t make an apples-to-apples comparison between iPhones and Android phones in relation to software upgrades. However, that doesn’t make it hurt any less to see that the iPhone 6S will get iOS 14. It’s still aggravating and makes me envious of the Apple ecosystem.

Apple’s latest iOS 14 will also come with new privacy protections, advanced messaging features, new camera and video tricks, and so much more.