Apple Working on ‘Advanced Maps Feature’ in Swedish R&D Centre

Since Apple acquired C3 Technologies, a Swedish company developing three-dimensional mapping solutions, in 2011 there has been much silence in the area. Today news agency Rapidus broke the silence, reporting that Apple has quietly built a research and development centre in Lund near Malmö in Sweden, and that its engineers are working on “advanced mapping technology.”

iOS 8_Maps_1

Apple established the R&D centre in Lund last November. The office space is suitable for about 10 people, according to Rapidus (paywall, via Today’s report is the first to shed light on what is really happening in Apple’s Lund office.

As the Rapidus report highlights, the engineers are busy developing the next generation of Apple Maps, as new workers have joined Apple’s Lund-based team in recent months.

C3 Technologies wasn’t the only Swedish acquisition: Apple also bought facial technology firm Polar Rose in 2010 and data compression tech startup AlgoTrim three years later.