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Apple’s Tile Competitor May Be Called ‘AirTag’, Have Replaceable Batteries

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We’ve heard rumours of Apple’s Tile tracker competitor and now iOS 13.2 contains more references to the product, which is expected to debut soon.

According to 9to5Mac, iOS 13.2 code contains references to ‘AirTag’ and also mentions a file named ‘BatterySwap’, suggesting this rumoured tracking tag will support replaceable batteries:

A folder within the filesystem for the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system possibly confirms the name “AirTag” for the new device…


One feature confirmed by the assets is the ability to change the product’s battery since there is a video asset named “BatterySwap”.

Check out a screenshot of where these assets are located in iOS 13.2, which shows the ‘AirTag’ folder, according to 9to5Mac:

Airtag ios 13 2

Another discovery today in iOS 13.2 revealed a Smart Battery Case is coming for iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

Tile recently launched a new line of updated trackers for 2020, in a move which looks to get ahead of Apple’s rumoured tracker launch.

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