Apple Ambitions Could Delay Web-Based TV Service

Citing industry executives familiar with the matter, Re/code reports that Apple’s TV service could face delays, due to the company’s ambitions to provide customers in the US with live programming from local TV stations.

Apple tv.jpg

Such ambitions have complicated the negotiation process and could delay the Web-based TV service until the fall. So if you are to believe Re/code’s sources, don’t bet on the Apple TV service just yet for the WWDC 2015.

Industry executives familiar with Apple’s plans say the company wants to provide customers in cities around the U.S. with programming from their local broadcast stations. That would distinguish Apple’s planned offering from those already available from Sony and Dish’s Sling, which to date have only offered local programming in a handful of cities, or none at all.

Apple’s ambitions have complicated its negotiations with the broadcast TV networks, because most broadcasters don’t own all their local stations, and have an affiliate, or franchise system.

The report contrasts with an earlier Wall Street Journal scoop. Back in March, sources speaking with the WSJ said Apple would unveil its Internet-based TV service this year at the annual worldwide developer conference. The news outlet also said that Apple could offer a package containing a handful of channels for about $30–$40 per month. Apple’s web-based TV service is scheduled to launch this fall, claim the WSJ’s sources.