Apple Board of Director Bob Iger Buys $1 Million in AAPL Stock [Update]

Disney CEO Robert Iger Joins Apple Board

Apple board of director Bob Iger has purchased $1 million dollars worth of stock yesterday, as noted in an SEC Form 4 filing. Iger acquired 1600 shares at prices ranging from $562 to $565, for a total worth $1,002,769.80. There are 75 shares held indirectly by his wife.

Iger is Disney’s CEO and President, and was added to the Apple board’s audit committee last November. He played an important role in the Disney acquisition of Steve Jobs’ Pixar

Recently, Apple executives have been active with their shares, with SVP and general counsel Bruce Sewell selling $3 million in early November and hardware engineering chief Dan Riccio selling $10.7 million last week. Iger’s purchase comes at a time when Apple’s stock has rallied back to its highest point in two weeks, after falling to a six month low.

Update: Article updated to reflect Iger purchased Apple shares (instead of selling them), after selling off $17.9 million Disney shares last week.