Apple Close to Making Deal for Animated Movie with Cartoon Saloon

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple is very close to signing a deal with Cartoon Saloon, an animation studio in Ireland, for their own animated movie.

Cartoon Saloon has made a number of Academy Award-nominated films including “The Breadwinner,” “The Song of the Sea,” and “The Secret of Kells.” The animation studio and Apple have reportedly not yet reached a deal, so the report notes that this could still fall through. However, this shows that Apple is interested in making original content beyond TV shows.

Even though the animated film has not yet been made, Apple is looking to secure distribution rights in a number of countries. It is still unclear how Apple will distribute the movie, however, a number of reports note that it will be available through Apple’s TV app, Apple Music, or even an unannounced video service.

Apple has already established deals for at least 15 television shows, some of which could make their debut as early as 2019.