Apple’s First Scripted TV Series to Reportedly Star Dr. Dre

In line with previous reports claiming Apple is interested in developing original TV shows streamed exclusively to iTunes customers, the Hollywood Reporter has learned that Apple is making its first original television show, starring Dr. Dre.

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Besides starring in the show, Dr. Dre will also be executive producing his own six-episode TV series, dubbed as Vital Signs, with the production being backed by Apple. Interestingly, the sources say the final product will be distributed via Apple Music:

The series likely will be distributed via Apple Music, the company’s subscription streaming site, but it’s not clear if Apple TV, the iTunes store or other Apple platforms (or even a traditional television distributor) will be involved.

The show has been described as a dark drama including violence and sex. Furthermore, the episode filmed on the first two days of this week featured an extended orgy scene.

Sources tell THR naked extras simulated sex in a mansion in the Bird Streets neighborhood of Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills. (Dre’s wife Nicole Young was on set to witness the shenanigans, one insider says.)

The series will be directed by veteran music director Paul Hunter, and produced by Aaron Ginsburg and William Green. The script was written by Robert Munic.

According to THR, it was Dr. Dre who came up with the idea of the TV show and pitched his partner Jimmy Iovine on this. Vital Signs is the only scripted original currently in the works at Apple, but the company is said to be open to working with “artists who already have a relationship there before staffing up a scripted department.”

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