Apple HomePod 2 Canadian Pricing

homepod 2023 pricing

Apple continued its new product release announcements this week by bringing back the HomePod from the grave.

The new HomePod 2nd-generation looks the same as before, comes in a new colour Midnight, has Spatial Audio, Room sensing, plus can still act as your smart home hub but with Matter support, sound recognition, and also temperature and humidity sensor. It’s powered by the S7 chip from Apple Watch Series 7.

HomePod 2 Canadian pricing is at $399 CAD, the same price the speaker was at in April 2019 (4 years ago) after a $50 price drop at the time. There are some upgrades this time around, but it would have been nice to see the HomePod 2 slightly cheaper in the $300-ish range, or a slightly discounted 2-pack at $699. Who will drop $800 for two HomePods? The Sonos One, which is a viable competitor to the original HomePod is priced at $269.

Siri is still the Achilles heel for the HomePod and Apple in general. Siri gets confused on our original HomePod and iPhone 14 Pro Max, unable to differentiate from each other and will play different music on both devices when they are in the same room. You just can’t win with Siri.

The first HomePod debuted in the U.S. for $349 USD when it launched in February 2018, while it was also available in the UK and Australia, but not Canada until four months later. You can read our review of the first HomePod here.

You can click here to buy the HomePod 2 on, ahead of its launch on February 3, 2023.