Apple Drops Price of HomePod in Canada to $399


Homepod canada $399

Apple has dropped the price of its HomePod in Canada, part of a worldwide price drop, now available at $399 CAD, a reduction of $50 CAD.

The HomePod smart speaker, powered by Siri, launched in Canada back in May of 2018, priced at $449. It launched without calendar support or French Canadian support. For the latter, that finally debuted last September, along with expanded features for HomePod.

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Even at its new price of $399, HomePod is considered expensive versus alternatives like those from Sonos, especially since only Apple Music can be summoned with Siri on the speaker.

In the U.S., HomePod has dropped to $299 USD, breaking the $300 price point.

Are you going to buy a HomePod now that it is slightly cheaper in Canada?

[via 9to5Mac]