Apple Maps Not Working in Canada and Beyond: Search, Navigation is Down [u]

Apple Maps is currently suffering from an outage, as users are unable to get search results and also navigation directions, in Canada, the USA and beyond.

Users have complained about the outage, which will not return results when you try searching for a point of interest, while routing and navigation is also similarly broken.

According to Apple’s System Status page on the web, it says there’s an issue with Maps, specifically routing and navigation and search.

System status apple maps

For the routing and navigation issue, Apple says it currently affects all users, and has been identified since 5:48AM PDT. “Users are experiencing a problem with this service. We are investigating this issue,” explains Apple. The same description is for Maps search as well.

We can confirm Apple Maps is down in our area as well. Attempting a point of interest search just returns “no results found.”

Apple maps down

Yeah, so this isn’t good for Apple right now because a navigation app such as Apple Maps should work 24/7. Issues like this will just make users continue to jump over to Google Maps and stick with the latter.

We’ll update this post as the issue is resolved. Are you experiencing outages with Apple Maps right now?

Update 10:46AM PDT: Apple has updated their System Status page to indicate everything is now working properly, as of 10:05AM PDT.