Apple Maps Transit Directions Expand in Ontario, Alberta and Quebec [u]

Apple Maps has gained more transit directions for select cities in Canada, with Edmonton, Ottawa and Quebec City gaining new data (via MacRumors).

Here’s what’s available:

  • Edmonton: Edmonton Transit System (ETS) buses; Edmonton Light Rail Transit (LRT)
  • Ottawa: OC Transpo buses; O-Train directions
  • Québec City: RTC and Métrobus directions
  • Update Aug. 28: Sudbury, Sault Ste Marie, and Thunder Bay in Ontario also have transit directions now (thanks Mark). Oh, and in Windsor (thanks Travis), and in London (thanks Gabriel).

IMG 5387 PNG

Back in July, Apple Maps gained transit directions in Calgary; we told you Edmonton could be next at the time, and now they are here.

Last year, we saw Victoria and Vancouver get transit directions in Apple Maps. Toronto was the first Canadian city to gain the feature back in 2015 when iOS 9 launched.

If you’re looking for transit directions on iPhone, use Transit app or Google Maps, as Apple Maps still needs improvements to meet the expanded features of the former apps.