Apple Music is Coming to Tesla Vehicles, Shows Images

Apple music tesla 2

It appears Apple Music will soon be coming to Tesla vehicles according to new images shared on the web, reports Tesla North.

Tesla launched a new exhibit at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California yesterday. New images seen from inside one of the Tesla vehicles on display shows the Apple Music icon, plus a splash screen showing a QR code to “log into your Apple Music account”. as shared by a Redditor.

The images were originally taken by Aaron Cash, the founder of alternative streaming media site for Tesla cars,, accessible via the in-car browser.

Visiting the QR code’s address directs to, asking for a code to continue with account sign in.

While Tesla has native streaming music apps for Spotify, Tidal and TuneIn, it’s lacked Apple Music. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been outspoken about Apple’s App Store and its 30% commission as being unfairly high. This would mark a new partnership between Apple and Tesla, if Apple Music does land inside Tesla vehicles.

Apple music tesla

Tesla usually releases an annual holiday software update chock-full of new features and other goodies, which is expected to arrive in December. According to the Redditor’s images, Apple Music was running in a Tesla on software version 2022.40.50.

Musk said back in June he uses both Spotify and Apple Music, while leveraging Bluetooth to stream the latter in his Tesla. During the interview at the time, he sidestepped a question when asked about whether native Apple Music support would be coming to Tesla vehicles.

If Apple Music makes its way into Tesla cars, then the likely next addition would also be the Apple TV app, to join Disney+, Netflix, YouTube and more.

Also coming soon to Tesla vehicles is a native app for Zoom, to allow for video conferencing right from the car.