Apple Promotes PUBG Mobile Exclusive After Fortnite Update Banned from iOS, Mac

Pubgmobile app store

Yesterday Fortnite updates were officially banned from iOS and Mac, as the latest Chapter 2 – Season 4 (v14.00) update cannot be played on Apple devices anymore.

Epic Games blamed Apple for blocking updates and new installs of Fortnite, but the company violated App Store developer guidelines by introducing its own payment method in the game.

Now that Fortnite is yesterday’s news in the App Store, Apple has started promoting the rival battle royale title, PUBG Mobile and its upcoming update in a new App Store Story (via Reddit).

“Since its 2018 arrival on the App Store, PUBG Mobile has pushed the limits of on-the-go battle-royale action. Now it’s about to push it even further,” explains Apple.

“On September 8, PUBG Mobile officially enters its “New Era” with the Version 1.0 update. Featuring a full overhaul of the signature Erangel map and enhanced graphics that bring cleaner textures and flashier effects, Version 1.0 modernizes the blockbuster battle royale. Read on for exclusive details!”, details the App Store Story.

The overhaul of the Erangel map and new look of the game was exclusively provided to the App Store says PUBG Mobile.

On September 28, the next hearing with Apple and Epic Games will take place in court, with the latter seeking a preliminary injunction to return Fortnite back to the App Store. Grab your popcorn, folks.